Runcam 2 Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

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Bug fixes, new feature updates from the firmware update and download for the Runcam 2 action camera.

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04/25/2020 - 22:36
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Method 1 (recommended): Update the firmware through App.
Method 2: the classic method (manually copy the firmware file onto the SD card).
  • It Requires iOS App v1.3.0 + | Android App v1.8.0 + and the current firmware version of the camera needs to be>= V2.1.
  • Firmware Upgrade (It would be better to upgrade under OSD menu; press power button to select down and WiFi button to confirm; upgrade when the battery is fully charged )
  • 1. After downloading the firmware, put it under the root directory of micro SD card.
  • 2. Turn on the RUNCAM 2 with the micro SD card inserted. The camera will start checking the firmware and show a solid orange light with LED1 (Wi-Fi button).
  • 3. One quick press on the power button.
  • 4. One quick press on the WiFi button.
  • 5. Orange light blinks slowly while firmware is upgrading.
  • 6. After 2 minutes, the camera will automatically shut down,upgrade has completed.
Firmware file change log

V2.3 Runcam 2 Action Camera Firmware Update

  1. Optimize the protection file function when the power is cut;
  2. Optimize the TV-OUT latency; (Under 1080P @60FPS, 40ms)
  3. Add a TV-OUT icon switch; (set via APP)
  4. Add the option to turn on the WIFI automatically after powering on the camera; (set via APP)
  5. Support automatic firmware update and delete the firmware automatically after finishing;
  6. Fix the bug of the time-lapse recording.

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