SooCoo C30 Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

Update method
manual download
Last modified
04/25/2020 - 23:09
Camera manufacturer
soocoo c30 action camera


  1. Please copy file 'FWHT108M.bin' to the TF card, using the USB cable link with computer, the system program will update automatically, about 1-3 minute, update successful the camera automatically turn on.
  2. After updating, the camera will turn on automatically, it means that the updating had finished, then take out the TF card and delete the file 'FWHT108M.bin'.
  3. Update finished, the Version is: S(20170338)V2.0.  PS: 20170338 is the firmware no.
Firmware file change log

V20170338 SooCoo C30 Action Camera Firmware Update

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