Find Your Next Action camera

Here at we love to make new tools to help you find the right action camera for you. We launched the site in late 2017 with two tools that should help you do that and in 2018 have new tools being worked on to add to the site as well.

Best Action Cameras Ranking List

If you want to know what the best action camera is, check out that page which lists every action camera on the site, which we have over 90+ as of writing. Here you can find a simple list of action cameras, ordered by their Cam Score. These scores have been built from combining a number of ratings and reviews online that are pulled together to give their average. Depending on how many ratings we use and how trustworthy the external rating is, each action camera then get's it's final Cam Score.

Comparison Table of Action Cameras

On this mega huge table of action cameras, which lists all of them, new and old, you can filter by whatever features you require in an action camera and then sort by many features as well.

Say you require an action camera for underwater and want 4K recording footage, then you can select the video resolution you want and apply this filter. It will then only show you action cameras which have this feature, from there you can then sort by a number of features, such as battery life, weight, and many many more specs.

Action Camera Grid

Just like the table, with the grid, you can filter by whatever features you require or would like in an action camera. If you need image stabalization as you will be using it during activities and you want a screen, select these options and update the page. You then get a preview and teaser of each action camera that fits this spec and you can go on to save these to your own list of action cameras for future reference.

Best Action Cameras for Activities and Price Ranges

As well as these cool tools, to help you find the right action camera for you, whether you have a price range in mind, or specific features, we're also creating specific pages for activities and other action camera uses. Our first page is about action cameras under $100.