Yi 1080 Firmware Updates and Downloads

Downloads for the Yi 1080 action camera, so you can update your cam with the latest firmware bug fixes and features.

Camera Manufacturer & Model
Yi 1080
Action Camera
How to update
Phone App
Last modified
Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 20:05
Action Camera Accessories
Firmware Download Files
  1. Prepare a microSD card reader and microSD card.
  2. The microSD card needs to be atleast 16gb and class 10.
  3. Format microSD card to FAT32.
  4. Copy the firmware file to the root of the microSD card.
  5. Place the microSD card in to your camera and turn it on.
  6. It will beep for a few minutes and then at the end the red light will flash and the camera will turn off.
  7. It is now complete and you can remove the microSD card and turn the camera on to use.

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