Contour Roam 3 Firmware Updates and Downloads

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Firmware updates and downloads for the Contour Roam 3 action camera.

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In some situations, it may be necessary to manually update the firmware without the assistance of Storyteller. Here are the steps to manually update the firmware:

  1. Format the microSD Storage Card before beginning any firmware update. For instructions on how to format the microSD card go here:
  2. Download the Contour ROAM3 firmware to your desktop.
  3. Plug the Contour ROAM3 camera into your computer using a USB cable. Check to see that the Record slider is not in the forward (or ON) position. Once connected, the Battery LED on the Contour ROAM3 will turn red and the camera will appear as an external USB device on your computer.
  4. On your computer, navigate to the camera which is mounted as an external storage device.
  5. Copy the ContourROAM3.bin file that you downloaded in Step 2 to the camera's microSD card. Do not put it in any subfolders on the camera's microSD card.
  6. On the microSD card of the camera will be a file called FW_RTC.txt. The file may be hidden and you may need to enable the ability to view hidden files in your computer's settings. Open the FW_RTC.txt file with a text editor application.
  7. Near the top of the file is a line of text that reads ‘UPDATE_FW:N’. Change the ‘N’ to a ‘Y’ so it appears as ‘UPDATE_FW:Y’ and save the file. This will instruct your camera to update the firmware when it next starts up.
  8. Unplug the camera from your computer. It you are using a Mac, don't forget to unmount (eject) the camera before unplugging it.
  9. Press and release the Status Button. The camera will beep and the Memory and Battery LEDs will flash while the update is in progress. When the update is completed the camera will beep again and turn off.
  10. Reformat the microSD card by following the instructions from Step 1.
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