Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

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Yi 4K+ Plus action camera firmware update and downloads for bug fixes and new feature updates.

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04/25/2020 - 17:56
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yi 4k+ plus action camera
Firmware file change log

V1.4.12 Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Update

  1. Optimized EIS, the view of picture is more wide and the footage is more stable.
  2. Optimized image effect, improved the saturation, the color in low-light is more rich, the image is no longer greenish in daylight and no longer yellowish in Tungsten.
Firmware file change log

V1.4.9 Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Update

  • Optimized 5GHz Wi-Fi connection in Europe
Firmware file change log

v1.4.8 Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Update

  • Added composition guides
  • Fixed the problem of stop taking pictures when covering the lens in Time Lapse Photo
Firmware file change log

V1.3.29 Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Update

  • Optimized the problem of loop video file length is less than 5min
  • Optimized the problem of time intervals inaccurate when in Time Lapse Photo mode
Firmware file change log

V1.3.23 Yi 4K+ Plus Action Camera Firmware Update

  • Optimized the video sound in some scenarios, such as Bar, Concert
  • Optimized the stability of album
  • Optimized the Live Streaming, fixed the problem of quality / bit rate being inoperative
  • Updated IQ parameters, reduce the green highlights
  • Adjusted the timestamp format
  • Improved the reliability of SD cards
  • Improved the accuracy of battery indicator
  • Improved the probability of being able to upgrade firmware without a battery
  • Reduced the space lost on SD Card after deleting big recordings


Submitted by Mike on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 02:59


I bricked my Yi 4k+ changing fw-it froze and only video record would function. There was the fw update screen but unresponsive. I took a hint from the Ambarella tool kit use to unbrick the xiaomi yi cam or Yi 4k and other SOC's using a .elf file. Since there is no support for the H2 SOC in the 4k+, I went ahead with the card and battery in and the camera on and shorted the rhird contact point behind the face plate . On the third try the camera screen announced update complete . The cam is back to normal. I hope this helps someone.

Submitted by Mike on Tue, 02/08/2022 - 22:43


They did not ever correct the code defect in both 4k and 4k+ that when voice command is on , the camera will unexpectantly swith to burst photo and shoot multiple photos

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