Yi Lite Action Camera Firmware Updates and Downloads

Update method
manual download

Download the latest update and firmware fixes for the Yi Lite action camera.

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04/26/2020 - 12:09
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yi lite action camera


Head over to the Yi Lite Firmware Link to check what model you have and then update.

1. Download the firmware file and unzip.
2. Copy the ".bin" file to the SD card root directory, then insert the SD card into the device.
3. Follow the update prompt on the LCD screen.
(Make sure the camera is connected to a power source or has more than 50% battery life.)


Firmware file change log

v1.8.21 Yi Lite Action Camera Firmware Update

  1. Added ISO Auto option in video
  2. Add the AGC option to optimize the audio effect
  3. Fixed the problem of APP crash when the memory is full in Loop Video mode
  4. Fixed the problem of frame skip when EIS on
Firmware file change log

1.8.06 Yi Lite Action Camera Firmware Update

  1. Fixes the freeze video issue when playing back 60fps videos
Firmware file change log

1.8.04 Yi Lite Action Camera Firmware Update

  1. Improves the image quality under low light conditions
  2. Add the switchable Low-light control options
  3. Add addtional ISO option 3200& 6400 Add the recording volume level tagged High, Low and Off
  4. Improves playback experience, support pause & continue
  5. Optimizes EXIF info, Fixes GPS data error, Rename the manufacture "YI Technology"
  6. Changes tutorial, Add "previous step" operation

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