Xiaomi Fimi Palm 2 vs Fimi Palm 2 Pro Gimbal Action Camera Comparison

Xiaomi Fimi Palm 2 vs Fimi Palm 2 Pro Gimbal Action Camera Comparison

In this article, we compare the specs and features of the Xiaomi Fimi Palm 2 and the Fimi Palm 2 Pro action cameras. 

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Spec Comparison of the Fimi Palm 2 and the Xioami Fimi Palm 2 Pro

In this comparison table, we have each action camera side by side with all of their specs and features so we can compare them and share individual features that you may be interested in to see which action camera is best for you and your photography and film making.

Physical Difference Between the Two Gimbal Action Cameras

The first thing you'll always look for when a new camera comes out are the physical differences between the two and what was updated.

With the Fimi Palm 2 and the newer updated Fimi Palm 2 Pro, the only physical difference we see from the off is that of a "PRO" icon which has been stuck just above the lens and camera of the Fimi Palm 2 Pro.

fimi palm 2 pro camera difference

This has been placed there to highlight the only real difference we can see when comparing the two visually, and that is that this camera does come with a different and slightly larger 1/2" image sensor made by Sony. 

The price difference between the two is around $50, making the Fimi Palm 2 Pro a little more expensive than it's older model, the Fimi Palm 2.

The Fimi Palm 2 has been out for just over a year and the Fimi Palm 2 is a new release for the beginning of 2022.

Physical Spec Comparison

On paper, they are virtually the same camera, look the same, feel the same and work the same.

They are both 145g in weight, very light, have the exact same body and dimensions as one another and even the same controls and ports.

What we love about both of these gimbal action cameras is that they come with a 3.5mm audio jack which is seriously impressive and means you can plug any external microphone you have and instantly have better audio recordings than any competitor action camera.

Performance Spec Comparison

Looking through all the performance features of each gimbal action camera, there are literally zero differences other than the battery life.

You have 308 minutes on the Fimi Palm 2 and is one of the reasons this is our favourite action camera.

That has reduced to 160 minutes with the Fimi Palm 2 Pro, we are guessing because of the new image sensor which is now eating up some of the battery life.

Photo and Video Comparison

As mentioned above, the Fimi Palm 2 Pro has the improved and larger 1/2" image sensor by Sony, we are unsure of what model this is yet.

This means that you should have slightly better low light quality compared to the Fimi Palm 2 as more light can hit the sensor.

Other than that, you are still getting the same video and photo resolutions of 4k 30fps UHD video and 12mp photo resolutions.

Summary of Spec Comparison

Is this improved sensor enough for you to make the move to the Fimi Palm 2 Pro?

If you don't require the longer battery life then it definitely will be!

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Fimi Palm 2 Pocket Gimbal Camera Specs fimi palm 2 pro gimbal action camera
Title Fimi Palm 2 Pocket Gimbal Camera Specs Fimi Palm 2 Pro Gimbal Action Camera Specs and Features
Price $199 $249
Release date 3 years 7 months ago 2 years 5 months ago
Video review

Phsyical Specs

Phsyical Specs

Dimensions 32 × 35 × 132 mm 32 × 35 × 132 mm
Volume 144.00cm³ 609.00cm³
Weight 145grams 145grams
Screen rear touch screen rear touch screen
Ports audio 3.5mm jack, micro SD, USB Type-C audio 3.5mm jack, micro SD, USB Type-C
Physical features thumb stick control tripod mount

Performance Specs

Performance Specs

Battery life 308minutes 160minutes
Charge time 90minutes 90minutes
Uptime score 77/100 64/100
Depth rating (without case) 0m 0m
Remove battery
Shock resistant 0.00m 0.00m
Battery size 2600mAh
Max memory size 256gb 128gb
Form cylinder tube cylinder tube
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth Bluetooth, Wifi
Image stabilisation motorised gimbal motorised gimbal
Movement sensors tracking face
Size medium medium
IP Rating

Photo and Video Features

Photo and Video Features

Field of view 128degrees 128degrees
Image sensor
Sensor size 1/2.6 inch 1/2 inch
Image sensor diagonal 7.04mm 8.00mm
Aperture F2.40 F2.20
Photo resolution 12.00mp 12.00mp
Photo burst rate
Best video resolution 4k 4k
Best video resolution 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160
Resolution and fps 1080p 24fps, 1080p 25fps, 1080p 30fps, 1080p 50fps, 1080p 60fps, 1080p 90fps, 2.7k 30fps, 2.7k 50fps, 2.7k 60fps, 4k 25fps, 4k 24fps, 4k 30fps 4k 24fps, 4k 25fps, 4k 30fps, 2.7k 60fps, 1080p 60fps
Video resolutions with stabilization 4k 30fps 4k 30fps, 4k 25fps, 4k 24fps
Shooting modes hyperlapse, photo, photos in video, time lapse, time lapse video, video, smart object tracking
Photo features manual shutter speed, RAW photos, timelapse panorama, timelapse, single shot
Slow mo 3x 2x
Slowest FPS 90fps 60fps
Bitrate 100Mb 100Mb
Minimum focus distance 30cm 30cm
Internal microphones 1 1
Video features image stabilization, motion detection, wind noise reduction, smart object tracking
Photo features manual shutter speed, RAW photos, timelapse panorama, timelapse, single shot
Zoom digital digital

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