Xiaomi Mijia 4K Firmware Updates and Downloads

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 15:34

Firmware updates and latest downloads for Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera bug fixes and feature updates.

Camera Manufacturer & Model
Xiaomi Mijia 4K
Mijia 4K
Action Camera

Recommended Memory Cards

Samsung Evo Plus 32GB
Kingston Class 10 32gb
Sandisk Extreme V30 U3 128GB
How to update

Originial Xiaomi Mijia 4K Waterproof Diving Case

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Change log


  1. Update the Korean translator;
  2. Optimize the stamp logic;
  3. Add the Russian option on language;
  4. Optimize the user experience;
  5. Optimize the white balance strategy;


  1. Optimize the image white balance;
  2. Add the YI bluetooth remote control adaptation;
  3. Fix the problem of the record time not refreshed probably when use the auto record function;
  4. The cam will be restore the default settings when upgrade beta version;


  1. A new addition of 2.5K/60、1080/120、720/240 resolution in video and loop record
  2. Improve firmware upgrading logic
  3. Fix bugs


  1. Add color menu in video mode: Vivid, Natural, F-LOG mode
  2. Improve code rate in 4K / 30fps: ultra-fine, fine and normal stream are 100Mbps, 60Mbps, 40Mbps
  3. Optimize camera exposure effects
  4. Optimize Bluetooth connection


  1. Add supporting Mi Action Camera 4K Handheld Gimbal function
  2. Release distortion correction function at all modes
  3. Optimize some prompt menus
  4. Optimize the English description
  5. Optimize the user experience


  1. Add video color menus: natural, vivid, F-LOG;
  2. Improve updating logic


Submitted by pdecat on Sat, 04/28/2018 - 08:04


If your camera does not detect the firmware upgrade file on its SD card, or if you want to downgrade the firmware version, create an empty text file named force_fw.txt at the root of the SD card, next to the firmware.bin file.

I have followed your setup and tried an updated firmware with the latest firmware available here, and the result is that my cam is not booting anymore. Could you please let me know how to enter in boot/recovery mode, or even a factory flash mode.
And you should take care to the firmware file, may be there are hardware revisions you don't know.
Please help...

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